Intention and Action

So, we’ve made it – we’ve actually managed to come into 2018! So congratulations are in order. Well done, you’ve made it through 2017, and you can now begin the process of bettering yourself to make 2018 your year.

I don’t care how many people moan about it, or how many cynics there are who complain. New Year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon our best times, our worst times, our strengths and our weaknesses, and to think about how best to maintain or improve ourselves. Many people start out with intention, and follow it up with action, and that’s honestly how we should be continuing,  no matter how many times we fail. I feel like it’s a beautiful tradition, and one we should utilise every day.

This idea of intention and action is one that’s a recurring theme, and considering it’s so topical for today, then it’s one that I want to use to introduce the project. Yes, I have to admit, it’s been launched and relaunched, it’s been stopping and starting, and it’s been fractured as hell. But the intention has been there for a couple of years, and finally the foundations have been laid. The roots , the work that most won’t see, has been done, and now the shoot is about to sprout out of the ground and quality content will be published. I’m excited – hell, lots of people are. Things are really about to kick off.

But the reality is that I’m not expecting it to be an overnight hit with millions of views and readers and listeners within a day. They say that there’s ten years of hard work behind an overnight success, and I look forward to it all.

I really do hope that you join me, but no matter at what point you hop onto the wave or ride off it, you’ll be a part of the movement. Whether you support by just reading, watching or listening, by commenting, subscribing and sharing, or by writing, sending in your music or being interviewed, you’ll be a part of the movement. And I can’t wait for us to see where we go.

So, this is #iambritishasian.



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